Best Jobs For Females In Pakistan

In a country like Pakistan where women make up to 52% of total population, it becomes important for them to play a role in country’s economy. Unfortunately, the culture of women working in different corporate sectors could never nourish in Pakistan. However things are changing now and women can be seen working in different fields and in many cases, they are doing better work than their male counterparts.

There are certain jobs that are considered safe for females in Pakistan and we are going to discuss some of those jobs in this post.


There are a lot of private firms that need services of architects. An interesting change of events has been noticed in the industry where women are given preference over male job seekers because women are considered to have better designing skills. So if as a female in Pakistan, you are looking for a job, becoming an architect not only comes with better salary package but job security too.

Programming/ IT

People of Pakistan have a huge appetite for IT and technology and that is the main reason we have produced some of the finest Engineers, IT Experts and Programmers in the world. With the boom in IT industry and establishment of software houses in cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, women are able to find very lucrative jobs.


In healthcare industry, you always need someone who has sympathy for patients and is also a dedicated hard worker. Fortunately, there is a huge trend in Pakistani female students to incline towards medical studies. Most of the premed female students prefer becoming a physician. Some other fields that are considered good for women in healthcare industry include becoming a Dentist, Veterinary Doctor and Nurse. Women are also working as admins in Hospital and Pharmaceutical firms as well.

Interior Designer

When you need your house redesigned, who can do a better job than a woman? That is the main reason why the interior designing industry has becoming the hottest job market for females in Pakistan. In most of the interior designing institutes, you will seldom find any male students because in our culture, men are inclined towards hardworking jobs. Interior designing is not an easy job but since women have a better designing insight, they can do a better job in this field.


If there is one industry in Pakistan that has produced the most female entrepreneurs then it is the Beauty industry. The trend of becoming a beautician and opening your own beauty parlor is not new in Pakistan. A lot of women join different institutes, complete a beautician course, work at a beauty parlor for some time to gain experience and then end up opening their own beauty parlor. This job is considered as the safest and nicest job for females in Pakistan.


Education sector has always welcomed female candidates in Pakistan. If you are an educated woman, you are more than welcome to join any educational institute. The requirements have become intense with the passage of time but still, women in Pakistan; prefer doing job as a school/ college teacher.

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Mistakes we should avoid in writing CV

Your CV is a key to your interview with your employer. It is the very first written form of what you are and what you hold before you meet in person, so it is a must you get it right. Making a CV can be very trickier though.

While making your CV, it’s important to include all the right & effective information so that the employer could judge you rightly at once that why you are a deserving candidate for the particular job.

Mistakes in CV

We look at a lot of mistakes that make your CV nothing but a junk.You should choose a simple but neat paper for your CV and avoid using colored pages or fancy fonts. Just keep it simple and to the point as words speak for themselves. Nowadays mistyping, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are the most common blunders committed in a CV. Avoid them as they simply spoil your image showing your carelessness and negligence.

Check your CV thoroughly for these mistakes and if you are not sure about it do ask somebody else to go through it for instance a professional. If you specify your achievements or your success you gained while working for the previous employer then you should provide how it actually happened. Detailing or proving your achievements or your talents will provide a significant value to your CV. Stop writing stories or long elaborated sentence it will just give a fake image. Use points short but good that back up your achievements or explains how you achieved that level.
When you write your qualifications don’t just write the academic but the non academic ones also. List them and back them up in an order. Listing your interest is essential but make sure do not write in one word; for example, instead of writing swimming write about the club you have won medals for or any competition you won. Don’t forget to be truthful in writing every detail in your CV. Provide detailed and proper contact info. Make sure every single detail is correct.

If the person reading your CV wants to contact you he obviously will need valid and working contact info. Providing your email address with your name in is a good choice. Email addresses with cutesy names are totally not a good choice.
You should try making your CV that fits in for the job you are applying for, don’t send a generic one. Your CV should have your name on the top written in bold and clearly laid out. You don’t need to write CV on the top, everyone knows it’s a CV but it is your name they should remember. Another important thing to be considered is make sure that the format you are using to write your CV is easy to be used or to be opened in all computers or most of them. Nowadays there are many versions of Office so try making a standard document. Do not forget to read at least once again right before sending your CV so that any mistakes can be spotted and fixed.

Written by:  Saad Sheikh

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Role of parents in choosing career

Parents play a significant role in building their children’s careers. Studies  have shown that parents have the greatest impact on students’ career selection.  Parent’s influence on children affect than inadvertently and intentionally. When the children are moving into their adolescence, they seriously start looking forward on their careers and often consider their parents as a reference to initiate their path for a career. It may not always be a righteous role for the children, but it’s a fact that how children raised in their teenagers age determines their future. If they raised with love and affection, they probably adapt the consequences regarding devotion, feelings and sentiments. Alternatively, if they raised with rude behavior then they turn themselves according to the type of treatment, which ultimately affect their future.

Pakstani parents

On the other hand, parents must allow their children to make an essential decision which will enable them to breed in the future. It is important for parents to encourage their children and stay positive. However, another aspect which is quite surprising a heated debate is the phase in which parents allow their children to let go and that can be the most intense and difficult part. Attitudes of the parents towards their children matters a great deal because the world is ever changing and may appear scary to young one’s.

Moreover, parents should urge their children to seek education up to the top limit, so that they can be an asset to society in the future. Parents should understand that they cannot bind them forever and not always shot their ideas, as it will create a negative picture in their mind. In this vicious world, it is quite conducive for children’s to follow a wrong path and adapt it. In that respect, parent is the nominal source for children to build their future and gain valuable honor and reputation in the society. However, everyone has the right to make his own decisions and face the outcome of his own actions. It is self determination and confidence that enable people to make decisions and achieve their goals

Nothing is wrong with parents wishing their children in adapting a particular career for a reason but they should not neglect the significant aspect, that whether the youngsters are keen to develop a particular path or may they have an aptitude for it. Parents should understand that their responsibility is more to provide the question and letting them go to look for the answer. If they are keen on their children choosing a career, they should initiate by giving them a useful ideas and provide a path where they can examine it. Avoid dictating their children’s because the interest and passion of the individual career are an essential factor.

So in a nutshell, I would like to reiterate, that it is quite evitable for parents to understand the needs and demands of their children and instead of ordering them, they need to have patience and must play an active and supportive role in spite of decisive role. Therefore, they need to hatch the egg before smashing it and tore into pieces.

Written by : Sumair Raza

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When and how to change your Job

When and how to change your Job is the question in every employee. Perfect time to change your Job is the time when you become unsatisfied with your job. There can be number reasons for leaving or changing your job. For of them are listed below.

  • Behavior of your boss.
  • Behavior of your fellow staff.
  • Personal disliking .
  • Office location and distance from your home.
  • Low salary.
  • You don’t know the work.
  • One type of work nothing new to learn.
  • Don’t get holidays , short leaves when needed.
  • Problem in performing religious activities.

These are most common reasons for people changing jobs in Pakistan. So now if you have decided to change job then what to do . Following the the guidelines that will guide you how to change your Job.

  • Search another job first . (Without telling the existing company)
  • Give proper notice before quoting (Praise the existing company in notice).
  • Work hard in the notice period and complete it gracefully.
  • Ask the new company that you will join them after the notice period.(This will increase your respect in the new company)
  • Take proper experience letter and leaving certificate in the notice period.
  • Don’t use hard language before leaving . Meet everyone properly and forget about your problems you faced in this company.

Hope this article will help you decide when and how to change your Job. To get new job you can register free on

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Dress code for job interview in Pakistan

Dress code for job interview in Pakistan varies from one area to other , in simple words you can say that different cities and villages have different culture & traditions . We will discuss all those in detail but few are general guidelines for  job interview dress code.

  • Dress should be clean .
  • Dress should be properly pressed or ironed .(Make sure that during travelling don’t mess with your cloths )
  • Avoid skin tight and too loose dresses.
  • Your shoes should be polished and clean.
  • Teeth your teeth properly before coming to interview.
  • Shave before coming for job interview. (If you are a shaved person other wise balance your breed and comb it properly )
  • A nice perfume will help (But make sure that perfume smell is very light and in not annoying)

Now the question is what to wear  on job interview? It has several answers on basis of type of job ad location of job. In Pakistan you can have the following dress code during job interview.

  • Dress pant and shirt with tie.
  • Two piece suit with tie.
  • Shalwar kameez with wasket.

Always wear shoes (Polished) with paint shirt and suit. You can wear khari or sandels under sharlwar kameez. but it should be clean and polished. Dont wear dresses with pictures or big prints (for men).

Following tips will help you in your job interview. To get job interview calls you can register free at

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