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Oil, Gas & Power Jobs in Pakistan 2023 for DAE, Diploma, Inter and Graduates

Oil, Gas & Power Jobs in Pakistan 2022

Latest Oil & Gas Sector Jobs 2023 in Pakistan with career opportunities in some of the prestigious organizations you can join. The Oil, Gas, Petroleum and Power industry in Pakistan is one of the biggest industry both in terms of revenues as well as employment representing a workforce of hundreds of thousands of employees in almost all departments. keeps track of all jobs in Oil & Gas sector of Pakistan with updates from some of the best organizations including OGDCL, KPOGDCL, Pak Oilfields, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd, SSGC, SNGPL, Federal ministry of Energy / petroleum division and other organizations.

Latest Oil & Gas Jobs 2023 Today (Date-wise):

WAPDA Jobs 2023 100+ Vacancies (Various Categories) On-going
Mining Organization Pakistan Site Incharge, Mining Engineers, Geologist, HSE and Other 13th March 2023
Oil & Gas Pakistan Jobs HSE / Engineers, Admin, Accounts, HR, IT Specialists, Internees and Other 10th February 2023
OGDC Jobs 2023 230+ Internees, Engineers, Admin, Accounts, HR, IT Specialists and Other 10th February 2023
WAPDA / Power Division / Dasu HC Jobs Field Inspectors / DAE, Technical Advisors, Staff Nurses, GDMOs, MOs, Specialists and Other 12th February 2023

Oil and Gas Exploration in Pakistan

Pakistan has significant reserves of oil and natural gas. The country is a significant producer of both resources and they play an important role in its economy. However, Pakistan is also a net importer of oil and relies heavily on imported natural gas to meet its energy needs. The government has made efforts to increase domestic production and reduce dependence on imports, but it has faced challenges such as a lack of investment and security issues in some areas where oil and gas are produced.

Careers in Oil & Gas Industry in Pakistan

Careers in the oil and gas industry in Pakistan can include a wide range of roles, from exploration and production to refining and marketing. Some of the specific career opportunities in the industry include:

  • Geologist: responsible for identifying potential oil and gas reserves and assessing their feasibility for production.
  • Drilling Engineer: responsible for the design and execution of drilling operations to extract oil and gas.
  • Reservoir Engineer: responsible for the analysis and management of oil and gas reservoirs to optimize production.
  • Petroleum Engineer: responsible for designing and implementing techniques to extract oil and gas from reservoirs.
  • Refinery Engineer: responsible for designing, constructing and operating oil refineries.
  • Supply Chain/Logistics: managing and organizing the transportation, storage and distribution of oil and gas products.
  • Sales & Marketing: responsible for identifying new business opportunities, promoting and selling products, and building relationships with customers.
  • Health, Safety and Environment: responsible for ensuring that the industry adheres to health, safety and environmental regulations.

In Pakistan, these careers are available with different companies such as Pakistan State Oil, Pakistan Oilfields, Pakistan Petroleum, Oil and Gas Development Company, Pakistan LNG and many more. It’s also possible to work for international oil and gas companies that have operations in Pakistan. A degree in engineering or a related field, such as geology or chemistry, is typically required for many positions in the oil and gas industry.

Eligibility Criteria for Oil & Gas Jobs in Pakistan

The eligibility criteria for careers in the oil and gas industry in Pakistan can vary depending on the specific role and the company offering the position. However, there are some general qualifications that are commonly required for many positions in the industry:

  • Education: A bachelor’s degree in engineering, such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, petroleum, or mining engineering, is typically required for many positions in the oil and gas industry. A degree in geology, physics, chemistry, or a related field may also be acceptable for certain roles.
  • Experience: Some positions may require a certain amount of relevant work experience, particularly for more senior roles.
  • Professional Certifications: Some companies may require or prefer certain professional certifications, such as a Professional Engineer (PE) license.
  • Other qualifications: Strong analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, ability to work in a team, knowledge of computer software used in the field, and fluency in English, may be required for many positions in the industry.

It’s important to check the specific requirements for the position you are interested in and tailor your application accordingly. Keep in mind that some positions may also require passing a medical exam and security clearance.

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