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PTS Sample & Past Papers 2020

PTS past papers and sample papers are a great way to start preparing for PTS written exams and tests in Pakistan. As you are aware, the PTS conducts recruitment test and written exams for various Government and private organizations in Pakistan. While most of the exams have straight-forward syllabus and study material requirement and you can do self-study off your books, you will be amazed how these sample papers can help you achieving better marks. Candidates who solve past papers have shown great improvement in marks obtained so it is imperative to download the old papers for preparation of these exams.

The sample PTS past papers here on this page are provided for candidates convenience which they can download the solve when preparing for the written test/exam. The past papers are available for various subjects and can be used as a tool to learn about oneself competency level. Candidates must carefully read and solve these papers in order to obtain better marks. For many, the past papers is a learning tool in addition to practice material. You can download all PTS past papers online here below:

Latest PTS Sample & Past Papers (Date-Wise)

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PTS Sample & Past Papers are being updated for 2020 Year.